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Avon Tyre inspires Wedding ring

For some people their love of motorcycles comes close – very close – to the love that they have for their respective partners and this could well be the case with Dan Whitehouse.

Whitehouse, from Sutton Coldfield, recently tied the knot with his girlfriend Sarah, and he decided to give his wedding band a unique motorcycle feel by recreating the tread pattern from the Avon tyre on his Suzuki Bandit 1200.

Whitehouse explains, “Sarah and I have been together for about eight years now, but I’ve been riding bikes for about 13 years or more. In that time I’ve had three sets of Avon tyres on my bikes and I love them. As to the wedding, well, you know what girls are like. They want to make all the arrangements but Sarah said I could choose the transport to and from the wedding as well as the rings, and I knew exactly what I wanted.”

The soon-to-be groom set to work. First of all he had to wheel his bike out of the garage and take some pictures of his rear wheel for the jeweller. He adds, “I love bikes so much that I wanted the rear tread of the Viper Sport tyre I had on the back of the bike recreated and cut into the metal of the ring itself. I took the pictures and showed them to the designer in the shop. I love the look of the tread pattern and when people see the ring, they’ll know that I love Sarah and that I love bikes.”


The ring itself cost Whitehouse a cool £1350 as it is made from palladium and it took three weeks to make. It was set off with a nice touch from Sarah herself. “Sarah had some jewellery that she didn’t want so it was broken down to help make the ring – including a diamond which is mounted on the inside of the ring,” says Whitehouse. “I guess people say it’s a free advert for Avon, but to be honest, with the ring being made out of palladium, I don’t think the ring has the same sort of grip around corners.”