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Avon adds Road Hazard Warranty to 3D Ultra tyres

Avon Tyres has now added the family of 3D Ultra tyres to its Road Hazard Warranty.

Avon is so confident in its products that, should a tyre become unserviceable as a result of qualified tyre damage, including punctures, a replacement will be offered at no charge. No other motorcycle tyre manufacturer offers such a scheme. With Avon’s Road Hazard Warranty, bikers are eligible for a replacement tyre as long as the claim is made during the first 1mm of the tyre’s life and a certificate of fitment has been filled in by a valid and recognised Avon dealership.*

The 3D Ultra road-going family includes the 3D Ultra Sport and the 3D Ultra Supersport tyres. The 3D Ultra Sport is a road-biased tyre, while the 3D Ultra Supersport is an ideal choice for bikers who also ride their bike on trackdays. The 3D Ultra Xtremes are not covered by the scheme thanks to their dedicated track bias.

So whether it’s a puncture or impact damage bikers have the peace of mind with Avon Tyres’ Road Hazard Warranty. This scheme now covers all of Avon’s road-going motorcycle tyres, including the winter rider’s favourite, Storm 2 Ultra, as well as the new 3D Ultra Sport and Supersport tyres.