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AutoQuip bolsters CEMB range

AutoQuip, has bolstered its product portfolio with the addition of the new range of CEMB tyre changers, tread readers and wheel alignment equipment.

AutoQuip has been the sole distributor of Italian-made CEMB garage equipment in Ireland for the past six years.

CEMB has performed brilliantly for AutoQuip over the years and is now undergoing a regeneration with the arrival of new tyre changers, a new tread reader and a new wheel alignment system.

CEMB says its new range of tyre changers has been developed in-house and manufactured in Italy.

The new range has been designed and developed to allow the operator to work easily on all types of wheels. All models are automatic and equipped with a rear tilting post that ensures maximum rigidity to avoid damage on the rim.

The new tyre changers are: SMX40, SMX50, SMX70 and SMX70 LeverLess that will be added to the existing SMX60.

The SMX40 is characterised by the round plate with double speed rotation (inverter version available as an option) with external locking capacity 10″-20″ and internal locking 12″-22″ for wheels with maximum width 12″.

The model is equipped with a Wika inflating gun and can be configured with optional helper arms to facilitate demounting and mounting of the wheel.

The SMX50 is equipped with a flowering turnplate to offer greater support to the jaws, which have an external locking capacity of 10″-22″ and 12″-24″ internal.

The turntable allows work on wheels with a maximum width of 15″. The model is provided with a pedal-operated inflating device, manometer and CE-certified inflation pressure limiter and double speed rotation system, although the motoinverter system is available as an option.

The SMX70 is a professional tyre changer with a flowering turnplate that allows operations on wheels with maximum width up to 17″. The jaws allow an external locking of wheels from 10″ to 24″ and an internal locking from 12″ to 26″.

The model is equipped with a motoinverter system, pedal-operated inflating device, manometer and inflation pressure limiter. The reinforced horizontal arm is particularly large and robust and ensures less bending during use. The base of the vertical post base also has reinforcements for better support.

The SMX70 LL is characterised by the LeverLess demounting group with double support to the rim to reduce flexions and tensions on the bead and on the rim edge. It strongly  reduces the physical effort required by the operator. All other features remain unaltered compared to the SMX70.

Argos DriveThru
CEMB’s latest alignment system – the Argos DriveThru facilitates a full wheel alignment check in seconds.

The brand-new inspection system detects in a few seconds all the incoming vehicles that show anomalies and need adjustment.

The measurement is fully automatic, without clamps, targets or sensors, and allows complete results, including partial Toe and steering wheel centreing.

The Argos DriveThru offers a fast, complete and highly professional service that results in an increase in workshop turnover and in a greater customer loyalty.

The sale of alignment services is supported by a clear and easy-to-understand diagnosis report of vehicle anomalies with the related symptoms.

The Argos DriveThru quickly provides vehicle technical specifications, thanks to the Fast Specs Search function and to the number-plate recognition function, which is available as an option.

Another winner in CEMB’s wheel alignment portfolio is its Argos Touchless system.

One of these systems, believed to be the first touchless system in Ireland was installed by AutoQuip in a busy workshop just over a year ago, and is performing brilliantly for the customer.

Tread Reader
To increase its offering in the field inspection systems, the company has developed the CEMB profiler, which is able to provide complete and immediate information on tyre conditions, conicity and tread depth.

The profiler is equipped with software that perfectly integrates with the software installed on the Argos DriveThru to ensure perfect synergy between the two systems, which allows all measurements to be carried out simultaneously, thus avoiding waste of time.

The CEMB tread reader is extremely compact and solid thanks to the small scanner designed specifically for this use and the robust hatch with automatic opening and closing that ensures high protection.

The profiler can be easily added also to an already installed Argos DriveThru system.