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ATA Accreditation programme key to regulation – ITIA

The Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) in its drive to regulate the sector believes its ATA Accreditation programme has a central role to play.

ITIA President Kevin Farrell says the ATA Accreditation is central to bringing industry regulation. He commented: “We are well on our way to getting an accredited technician in each retail member outlet. This programme allows us to hold up our members as the experts in the trade.”

“It allows us to tangibly highlight the ever increasing gap between the legitimate trade and those in the black economy. It is vital that we don’t get complacent with this progress. ATA will only work if it’s across the board, so if you have not yet sent someone to ATA Accreditation, please book them in today.”

“Our Drive for licensing will only bring real progress if we all engage with it. To enact change will take an effort from each and every ITIA member. We must encourage all the legitimate traders to join our association to make the voice from compliant traders even louder.”