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Anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made truck and bus tyres now in place

With effect from yesterday (Tuesday, May 8), the European Union will apply anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made truck and bus tyres entering the European Union.

Provisional anti-dumping duties of between €52.85 and €82.17 per tyre will be levied on new and retreaded truck and bus tyres with a load index exceeding 121 and originating in the People’s Republic of China.

The Regulation applies to all Member States for a period of six months.

To compound (no pun intended) matters, importers of Chinese truck and bus tyres are also having to accept the unacceptable situation of not knowing if they will be charged retrospectively from May 8 back to February 1 this year.


The official line on this is no decision on a possible retroactive application of dumping duties has been taken at this point of the proceedings. How can businesses run operations not knowing about such a big differential and potential liability?

The European Commission is currently conducting a 15-month anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation. A decision whether or not duties are to be collected retroactively will be taken once the final findings are available in November 2018.

As part of this, regulation EU 2018/163 came into effect in February, 2018. From this date imports of new and retread tyres for trucks and buses originating in China are subject to registration.

This does not apply to other tyres e.g. Agri, Earthmover, PCR but that is not to say that separate investigations will not be carried out in the future.

A main concern relating to the outcome of this investigation is the effect on businesses of any duty applied retroactively.

Wholesalers could now be faced with the prospect of paying import duties of between €52.85 and €82.17 on every truck and bus tyre imported dating back to February 1.