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Alliance Party of NI seeks action against those supplying tyres for bonfires

Last month, the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland called for action to be taken against those supplying tyres for bonfires following the removal of 1,800 tyres from a site on the London Road in east Belfast on July 7.

Party leader, Naomi Long said moves to find the source may act as a deterrent against them being used in the future, and wrote to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) requesting information on what is being done to prosecute those responsible for the illegal dumping.

So far no action has been taken.

Speaking last month, Naomi Long said: “The action taken against the London Road site was required to stop the tyres being burned and releasing carcinogenic and toxic chemicals into the environment.

“Given there were 1,800 tyres at that site, it is unlikely they were abandoned there in ones and twos. That raises the question of the source of the tyres and whether action can be taken, based on their serial numbers and the fact disposal of tyres is regulated.

“Motorists pay fees for the safe disposal of tyres removed from cars, and in turn, garages pay a contractor to dispose of them under licence. The question is what, if anything, is being done to find out the source of these tyres and prosecute those responsible for illegally dumping them, breaching the waste disposal licences at the same time.

“By doing so and taking robust action against those responsible for putting people’s health and the environment at risk, we may see a deterrent against similar behaviour in future years.”