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BKT Agrimax V-Flecto tractor tyre popular with Irish farmers

The Agrimax V-Flecto tractor tyre range from BKT was designed and developed with VF tyre technology at its core.

This VF tyre range has been on the market now since 2017 and is proving very popular with farmers and contractors throughout Ireland.

The purchase of a set of VF tyres is an investment that offers many excellent benefits to tractor owners and operators. With new sizes continuing to be added to the range, many users are taking the decision to upgrade to VF tyres. Customers may choose to fit a wider size of VF tyres on their tractor and in these cases Agrigear can modify the wheel rims to suit the unique requirements.

VF tyres offer many benefits in terms of performance and cost-savings. The VF tyre construction (very high flection) means that tyres can carry 40 per cent extra load at the same inflated pressure as standard tyres. Another way of looking at this is that tyres can run on 30 per cent less inflated pressure to carry the same load as on standard tyres.

Other benefits include:

  • 10 per cent larger footprint means reduced soil compaction.
  • increased traction yields increased productivity.
  • run at the same pressure in the field and on the road, which means less downtime.
  • built for comfort in field and on road.

Sizes available include:

480/60R28, 520/60R28, 540/65R28, 600/60R28, 540/65R30, 600/60R30, 600/70R30, 540/65R38, 600/60R38, 650/60R38, 650/65R38, 710/60R38, 710/70R38, 650/65R42, 710/60R42, 900/60R42.

Agrigear is the appointed importer of BKT tyres throughout Ireland and offers a full technical backup service on all their products.

For more information on the services provided, call Agrigear at: 042-9666444 or visit

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