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A world first in air supply

An air compressor designed especially for mobile use looks set to change the face of the mobile tyre fitting industry.

Mobilair, manufactured by Transit Power Systems, boasts a number of economical and environmentally-friendly innovations, such as: the elimination of wasted air by generating only the amount it needs for the task; avoidance of noise reduction materials through intrinsic quiet running; and the use of an inbuilt battery pack which recharges in transit between jobs without use of any additional fuel.

This radically reduces the cost of usage and associated carbon emissions. It is also the first air compressor in the world to offer portability without the need to invest in vehicle modifications.

The concept was initially devised in 2008 by Phil Hollingshead, who has over 40 years of knowledge and technical expertise within the compressed air industry. At this time, Phil recognised the problems of poor quality and uneconomical performance of compressed air products within the automotive industry and joined with business partners George and Michael Bond to develop the Mobilair unit, which now viably rectifies those shortcomings. Together George and Michael have many years experience in the electrical manufacturing industry. All three have significant experience in the sales of their products.