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A-rated Cooper Zeon CS Sport offers optimum performance and grip

Cooper Tire Europe has just announced the introduction of its new ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre – the Cooper Zeon CS Sport.  Packed with new design features, the CS Sport is truly oriented towards the driving enthusiast, delivering supreme performance while maximising the driving experience.

Cooper Zeon CS
Boasting an A-rating for wet grip across all sizes and speed variants, the new tyre features a high-dispersion silica tread, which provides excellent water clearance as well as laudable traction in dry conditions.

Steering response and lateral stability are enhanced thanks to flipper reinforcement, while a 0 degree spiral restrictor further improves high-speed performance.

Handling is exceptionally crisp and precise, thanks to the tyre’s central tread rib and two-ply rayon casing, while it also features a rim flange protector to guard against kerb damage to alloy wheels.

The CS Sport’s Tri-Arc mould shape for improved contact pressure distribution and its tuned construction work together to offer crisp, predictable handling.

This tyre is the first of Cooper’s range to be tested and developed in conjunction with Cooper Tire Europe’s new UHP brand ambassador, ex-Formula One and DTM racer, David Coulthard.

Offering technical insight and feedback to the Cooper team during the tyre’s development process, BBC F1 pundit, Coulthard, has played a key role in ensuring that the CS Sport is Cooper’s most accomplished UHP tyre yet.

Peter McNally, General Manager of Cooper Tire’s European Technical Centre, said, “We are excited to launch the CS Sport. As our new high-performance range-topper, this tyre has benefited from a great deal of research and development, not to mention the input and feedback from David Coulthard, who we’re delighted to have on board as our performance tyre ambassador.

“For the driving enthusiast, the CS Sport is the ultimate tyre; it performs exceptionally well in wet and dry conditions, with outstanding steering response and handling. We are very proud to offer it as our flagship tyre.”

The Cooper Zeon CS Sport is available in various fitments from 17- to 19-inch diameter rim sizes,  in W and Y speed ratings and will be available to buy across Europe, Russia and the Middle East from January 2014.

Coulthard named as Cooper Tire ambassador to aid tyre development and promote ultra-high performance range

Cooper names ex-Formula One star, David Coulthard, as ambassador

In a multi-faceted ambassadorial role, Coulthard, who now fronts the BBC F1 television coverage, will offer technical advice, insight and feedback to Cooper’s product development team, as well as representing the manufacturer at key events.

Coulthard has already played a key role in Cooper’s tyre development; the 42-year-old assumed a hands-on role for the testing and development of the newly-launched Cooper Zeon CS Sport.

The ex-racer, who drove for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull during his 15-year stint in Formula One, tested the new UHP range-topper during its development process, using his expert knowledge to provide feedback to the technical team on wet and dry handling, grip and cornering capabilities.

In addition to his development role, Coulthard, who will remain as ambassador to Cooper Tire Europe’s UHP tyre range until the end of 2016, will also promote Cooper Tire’s extensive product offering, bringing the Cooper Zeon CS Sport to a wider audience.

David Coulthard said: “By pairing with Cooper Tires as ambassador of its UHP range, there’s a sense I’ve returned to a company which was a big part of my pre-Formula 1 career. I cut my teeth in F3 and F3000 on Avon Tyres, which is a Cooper Tires brand – and Cooper is the current supplier to the British F3 Series.

“I’ll be supporting the brand’s performance tyre development programmes but it wasn’t just its motorsport heritage and the performance focus of the UHP range which attracted me, its safety credentials and track record of producing high quality products over several decades made all the difference for me.”

Sarah McRoberts, Marketing Communications Manager for Cooper Tire Europe, described Coulthard as a ‘natural fit’ for Cooper: “Cooper Tire is a premier producer of high-performance tyres for the European market and the partnership with David also adequately reflects our heavy involvement in motorsport across the world.

“David knows exactly what is demanded from high-performance equipment, thanks to his varied motorsport roles, which range from Formula One to DTM.

“His background means that he knows exactly what is needed for tyres to perform to their maximum ability in high-pressure environments and is able to offer insight and advice, while representing the quality and technical excellence of the Cooper Tire range.”