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90 years of Bridgestone

Bridgestone Corporation is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its founding with the launch of a new commemorative logo and webpage.

Bridgestone says the logo highlights the milestone of the company’s 90th anniversary and the future that lies beyond. “It also expresses a commitment to pursuing innovation and swift progress while treasuring its connections with stakeholders,” the tyre maker says.

A 90th anniversary commemorative page has been established on Bridgestone’s corporate website to provide information on the Company’s corporate DNA, history, and vision.

Global CEO and representative executive officer Shuichi Ishibashi offered the following comment in commemoration of Bridgestone’s 90th anniversary: “Bridgestone has continued to overcome countless challenges, even in the face of uncertainty and turmoil, as it has proceeded to gain experience, learn, and grow into a stronger company.

“I have great appreciation for our customers, business partners, community members, and various other stakeholders who have supported Bridgestone throughout its long history.

“We will continue to place sustainability at the core of our management as we advance past our 90th anniversary and seek to grow into a sustainable company together with society and customers.”