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500th Xlite forged aluminium wheel from MWheels

RTN Clayton Vallely, manufacturer of specialist tankers for the environmental, food and chemical industries, has taken delivery of its 500th Xlite forged aluminium wheel from exclusive European distributor, MWheels.

The Barnsley-based company, whose clients include Yorkshire Water, McVitie’s and Redway European, has specified the market leading forged aluminium wheels on orders since March 2014, primarily as fitted units with tyres from Bridgestone, Goodyear and Dunlop.

Established in 1991, RTN Clayton Vallely has established a solid global reputation while becoming the UK’s number one road tanker manufacturer, becoming multiple winner of the coveted Tanker Builder of the Year Award by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS).

John Newell, Commercial Director from RTN Clayton Vallely, said: “To be the best we have to ensure that every element of every tanker is manufactured to the highest design standards and fitted with the best original equipment, and Xlite forged aluminium wheels definitely meet all our strict sourcing and performance criteria.

““Reliability, safety, weight saving and aesthetics are all key reasons why we have selected the product, above which MWheels has constantly provided a fully fitted unit service which has been second-to-none in terms of its technical excellence and just-in-time delivery.”

“To claim to have the best products you have to successfully deal with the leading trailer manufacturers,” added Jason Mayor, Chief Commercial Officer at MWheels, “and RTN Clayton Vallely definitely fits that description.

“Both companies place technical excellence and service at the centre of our respective businesses and any end-user feedback on the wheels has always been positive, which is one of the many reasons we will enjoy an excellent relationship for years to come.”

Xlite and Xbrite+, which are five times stronger and 40 percent lighter than the standard steel equivalent, are spin forged from a single aluminium billet, a unique manufacturing process using a CNC machine to produce a higher degree of production accuracy and a truer running wheel.

Xlite is available in machined and polished finishes, while Xbrite+ goes through several automated treatment stages which permeate the metal deeper to deliver a wheel with the highest levels of corrosion resistance and shine. Wheels are available in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch sizes.

The ultimate advantages of operating with forged aluminium wheels including extra payloads, reduced diesel usage, decreased CO² emissions and less wear on surrounding parts, including expensive components such as tyres and brakes.