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25 years serving the Irish tyre trade

The Tyre Trade Journal is in its 25th year of service to you and the wider Irish tyre industry.

Our next issue to be published in early September will be a ‘Special 25th Anniversary Edition’ in honour of this milestone.

It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty-five years since a top PR man laughed when I told him I was starting a tyre magazine for the trade in Ireland (Republic and Northern Ireland).

He said: “They are black and round, what is there to write about?”.

Thankfully his summary quip was a long-way off the mark, a point he has in fairness, acknowledged on many occasions since.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of helping bring the Irish tyre trade out of the shadows of the mainline auto industry and into the modern open market, with it’s own clear and positive identity.

Standards have risen dramatically in that time, and the Irish tyre industry is very well informed and fully aware of the vast ranges of tyre products, tyre and wheel related services, as well as all the higher standards demanded today by consumer motorists, business fleets, etc.

All that the modern tyre retailer wants from government today is a level playing field. We have campaigned on behalf of the industry for this.

We see it as the job of governments to remove rogue operators and those that do not pay their taxes etc. and operate in the shadows. Thankfully this too has improved dramatically in recent years.

To the manufacturers, importers and distributors of tyres, I would like to thank you for your support over the last quarter of a century. Many have been advertisers since day one and this has allowed us to provide the tyre trade on the island of Ireland with a high standard B2B/trade media.

The Tyre Trade Journal, website and every Wednesday the Tyre Trade eNewsletter direct to your inbox, all combine to deliver news, information, and fair comment to you.

We hope this continues long into the future as we continue to serve the tyre market here.